We established the company PE CONSULTING in the year 2023 after our professional paths met at one of the international manufacturing companies, where we both worked as members of the top management. After some time, when we in cooperation used to resolve typical problems of most manufacturing companies, we understood that our thoughts and views of different problems and their solutions were very similar. This initially brought us together professionally and later allowed for the beginning of mutual friendship . A common vision and ambition to help manufacturing companies, through our long-term, practically acquired and proven experience, became the motivational factor for the establishment of our consulting agency. Throughout our corporate careers, we have faced a number of problems and challenges and worked with different consultants to solve them. However, unfortunately we have realized that the implementation of these often exclusively theoretical solutions to the production conditions and possibilities of the manufacturing companies is not realistic and feasible. That's why we are currently and have always wanted to be different in this regard, so we select precisely those methodologies within known theories which are really applicable for you, our customers, and will lead to the achievement of your desired goal and objectives. As advocates of searching for the causes of problems directly in the places of their origin, we are of course ready to resolve them wherever the need is, directly in the production and associated premises.

Ernest Ebu
Managing Director and Co-founder of the company

15 years of experience in the field of supplier and Production Quality Management in german, british, dutch and czech companies and corporations in the positions of Quality Engineer, Senior Quality Engineer and Quality manager respectively.


  • QMS (Quality Management System)
  • Complaint Management
  • FMEA and control plans
  • Kaizen
  • 5S
  • ISO 9001/14001
  • Compliance with requirements and standards
  • Preparation for certification
  • Quality tools (analysis of the root cause of the problem: 8D, pareto, ishikawa, 5x why, etc.)
  • Workplace/shopfloor auditing
  • Measuring and sorting activities
  • Incoming/interoperation/final inspection of material and product
  • First article inspection (FAI)
  • Q-documentation
  • Project management
  • Painting process
  • Continuous and permanent improvement of processes

Jiří Piškula
Managing Director and Co-founder of the company

15 years of experience in an international production company in the positions of Junior Quality Manager and Production Manager.


  • Continuous improvement of production processes
  • Optimization of manufacturing plant layouts
  • Capture of current status and creation of optimized layout designs
  • Optimization of production sites
  • Creation and management of production documentation
  • ISO45001 (BOZP) - work safety
  • Planning of production capacities
  • Elimination of "bottlenecks" in production processes
  • Standardization and time clocking of production operations
  • Design of personnel plans based on forecasts
  • Methodical management of the technology department of the production facility
  • Reduction of costs for non-quality of production processes
  • Automation of production processes
  • Project management

Our team also includes other highly qualified colleagues in the positions:

  • International welding engineer (IWE)
  • International welding technologist (IWT)
  • European adhesive specialist (EAS)
  • Corrosion specialist
  • Specialist in screw joints
  • Team of workshop quality auditors (audits and sorting activities)