Our services

"It does not matter whether you manage a small, large, brand new or already established production operation. We always approach all customers professionally and with the same care."

  • Sorting of material (ok/nok)
  • Capture of current status of production and storage layouts
  • Design and digitalization of optimized production and warehouse layouts
  • Analysis of current production and quality processes
  • Increasing the efficiency of production processes
  • Detection and elimination of "bottlenecks" in production
  • SWOT analysis
  • Value stream mapping (elimination of unnecessary factors in production and other processes)
  • Implementation of LEAN MANUFACTURING principles
  • Setting up maintenance processes of production equipment
  • Setting the basic principles of workplace ergonomics + 5S methodology
  • Analysis of occupational injuries and their prevention + work safety equipment
  • Setting up layered workplace audits
  • Preparation of companies for certification (quality)
  • Preparation of companies for certification (special processes – welding, adhesive bonding, screw joints, painting)
  • Proposal of the structural solution, design and subsequent actual manufacture of all technical measures through the sister tool shop (simple work fixtures and tools, work furniture, concept and manufacture of cutting, dividing and punching equipment etc.
  • Analysis of waste in production processes
  • Help with introduction of new products into serial production (feasibility studies, FMEA, control plans, sampling, prototyping, FAI)
  • Cooperative work - our staff will provide for you, for example, small assemblies, the completion of assembly sets and enclosed connecting material, etc.